We are experienced in caring for pets and farm animals. We are mindful of their safety and well being.  We have been serving the Tri-Cities area for the past 21 years.

We offer once, twice and  three times daily pet visits.  We also offer mid day dog walks which last for 30 minutes.    

Our pet friendly visits includes some  extra touches like bringing in the mail and newspaper, watering house plants and outdoor patio plants, turning on the lights for that lived in look.  

Give us a call at least one week prior to your trip to set up a New Client Interview.

In Your Home Daily Pet Visits Rates

1 Daily Visit                        $15.00

2 Daily Visits                       $30.00

3 Daily Visits                        $40.00

Mid Day Dog Walks              $10.00

Call or Text  (509) 531-1346

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An In Home Pet Sitting Service

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