Puddle ducks Herb Farm

Class Information

We offer classes to clubs, scouting groups, families, church groups or a group of best friends.   Offer classes  starting at 9 am  till 7 pm.  During the Spring and Summer seasons.  Most classes last an hour, but depending upon the size of your group and the amount of questions asked your class time might be slightly less or more,


Scheduling for Classes  Guidelines

Please call to reserve your desired day and time for your field trip class in advance.

A separate reservation is required for each class.

All classes have a short nature walk, a hands on activity and some have handouts and or art project.

All classes do require 1 adult chaperon for every 4 children.  Teachers and Chaperons are responsible for students at all times.

 We recommend good walking shoes with closed toes and sunscreen for everyone.

We will be outside, so please dress for the weather.

A $25.00 Facility Fee applies when booking multiple classes over the lunch period.  We will provide punch and seating at Camp Duck for your class lunch time.

Class Fees

Preschool to Kindergarten     $1.00 per child

​1st  & 2nd Grade                          $1.50 per child

3rd - 5th Grade                            $1.75 per child

6th Grade and up                       $2.00 per child