Puddle ducks Herb Farm

​Bird Identification

Learn about the birds that live in our area.  What are bird flyways?  Learn about the types of foods that they eat.  Take a walk thru the gardens and out to Camp Duck to quietly observe the birds.  Visit with the farm animals to per the chickens, ducks and geese.  See how they are all similar and different .  You will get to feel their feathers, feet, legs, tails and peaks.

Insect Identification

Learn about the insects that live in our area.  What they eat, what activities they like to do and what their life is like.  Take a walk around the gardens and the pond to see who is living there with us.  See how their ecosystems fit into our world.  Look at the bugs up close and make some buggy art.

Favorite Classes Offered

Leaf Identification

Learn about leaf characteristics on a walk while collecting different types of leaves.  Make a leaf collage and/or make leaf rubbings.  Learn how to spot a poisonous plants and how to avoid them.  Learn about herbs, fruit tree and vegetable leaves.